Barbera Novello Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 ml)

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The flavor of “Novello” recalls the green and healthy fruit. Its fruity aroma, with a slightly spicy aftertaste, will be evident until June, then the product will tend to soften to become sweeter and harmonious.

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‘Novello’ is another wonderful oil produced by Premiati Oleifici Barbera.
Type of Oil                 : Extra virgin olive oil
Cultivar                      : Cerasuola 40%, 40% Biancolilla, 20% Nocellara
Area of ​​origin            : Italy
Olive grove altitude : Average hill-plain
Collection period      : September October
Of Harvest                  : Hand stripping
Extraction System    : Pressing within 12 hours of harvest, continuous extraction and separation by centrifuge, natural settling and decanting
Filtering                      : Not run
Appearance                : Very dense oil, jade green color
Aroma                         : Penetrating fruit and finely aromatic
Taste                            : Round and full taste with fruity on the finish typical of fresh fruit
Utilization                  : All rustic dishes, bruschetta, bean soups, and Sicilian cuisine



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