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The Green Grocer delivers on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays to select areas in Metro Manila.
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Industree TV’s “Ask Nikki”: Healthy Eating with Nikki Gil and Nikki Bharwani

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Get the edge on your veg! TV’s sweetheart Nikki Gil-Albert meets The Green Grocer Nikki Bharwani, who offers up some great advice on what you should know about your produce.

Imported Fruits with Wax

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Did you know that some imported fruits are waxed as a way of keeping them from spoiling? Other times they aren’t coated in wax, but with animal collagen.
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Doing the Math on Coffee Spending

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We have been doing the math on coffee spending, and, if you are like us who frequent coffee chains like Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Seattle’s Best, you’ll be surprised to know how much you actually spend on coffee.
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Service Updates

Freebie of the Week: Organic Crispy Coconut Chips

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A special treat for deliveries this week: Every order gets a pack or two of our newest product, Toasted Coconut Chips from Radical Organics.

Courier Fees for Off-route Locations

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As our in-house Dispatch Team delivers to a limited scope of areas in the metro, we have partnered with an external logistics provider who will be able to deliver to addresses we otherwise would be unable to reach. This partnership allows us to widen the scope of areas we are able to serve.

In observance of Holy Week, kindly be informed that there will be no Saturday delivery on March 26th.